Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 19

Today sure was a crowded day for my little kitchen.  Not only were Keith, Nancy, and Gary there, Keith has also called his electrician and plumber friends to come out to fix my messed up wiring and install all the water related stuff.

Keith and Gary drilled holes for my faucet and water filter, grouted everything while i helped with cleaning up.  Nancy was doing touch ups on the walls that Carl and I sanded and filled holes.  she also mudded the wall behind the fridge and painted it for me.

Then the plumber's crew came out to work on the garbage disposal, faucet, water filter and dish washer.  

The electrician came and fixed my messed up wiring, plus put in new outlets, and installed my ceiling light and kitchen light, he totally hooked me up big time, thank you Levi.

yes there is a hole in the ceiling where the kitchen light used to be, but i will fix that, thanks to Keith who taught me how to do it. :)

look at this faucet, jealous? yes you should be.

Plumber Richard and his crew did all that. if we have to do that ourselves, i dont think i will have a sink at all in my kitchen lol

they had to fix the drain. basically lower it so that the garbage disposal can drain right.  older houses have their drains way too high

my new dishwasher.  note to others: they dont come with power cord, so buy one before installing lol


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