Sunday, October 28, 2012

A few last details

So my bench is done, i just needed to do a few things to make the kitchen really complete.

I put the a/c vents back on the ceiling, made the curtains for above the sink, put up curtains in the laundry room.

shortened this pair, used the leftover curtain fabric to make cushions and the curtains for the window above the sink

fixed the screen door and painted it

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Storage Bench

So my Kitchen is officially done, we need to furnish the dining room.  We dont know what we wanted for a dining table yet, but i know i want a bench in my dining room. I have always loved the idea of a nook. lol

so i decided to try my hands at carpentry. Seriously, i was inspired by Kenny that i thought to myself  "what the heck? i can do that too right?" haha

So i made a plan, did measurements, and started to dig out some scrap wood pieces from the shed.

so i gathered up all the boards that were from our kitchen demo

so, let the cutting begin. i used a circular saw for this job. 

a door that used to cover the water heater closet, this would be the top of the bench with hinges

a big piece of board for the bottom of the bench

got some sanding done. plus filled in the holes

putting them together

cutting up the trim pieces Kenny had left over

the bench is looking good

started the painting process after the legs being put on

the top of the bench

After all the painting is done, i made cushions out of some scrap fabric and old pillows and mattress toppers, my bench is now complete!

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Day 22

Ok the drawer pulls and knobs came in, Kenny came over to install them. So my kitchen is officially done, i just need to clean, organize, and have a party!!!!

we had an extra drawer pull, so i had Kenny put it at the end of the cabinet so when i marinade my meats with the spice rack, i can wipe my hands! lol

AH my kitchen is freaking AMAZING!

Cleaning day

So I started cleaning the applicances to be put back in the kitchen, the stove took me a long time because how gross it was, grease was inside the over door, the grates were horrendous looking, so i spent HOURS cleaning it.

took the oven door apart to clean between the glass

clean stove back in the kitchen, looking new

fridge and stove all clean yay! 

The grout in the kitchen was pretty pretty dirty, so i soaked them with bleach and got on my hands and knees to scrub them line by line, and 2 hours later, the kitchen was clean! 

imagine this used to be black! ewwww....

Patching Ceiling hole

There was a hole in the ceiling where the kitchen light used to be, but i had it moved to more of the center, so i needed to patch the hole myself. i think i did ok lol

Day 20 & 21

So while we waited for our drawer pulls and knobs to get here, I went ahead and patched the hole in the ceiling and painted the door frame in the garage.   Kenny and Joe came and fixed the holes where the plumber cut the drywall to install garbage disposal.

kenny was nice enough to put some strips of wood to cover up some imperfections of the drywall behind the fridge, and i painted them so it's not noticeable

i textured and painted behind the stove

i replaced the old outlets with new ones, screwless face plates

Kenny installed the light above the sink

Kenny and Joe patched the big holes under the sink

Kenny installed the door of the lazy susan cabinet

the door frame of the kitchen door leading to garage

i painted it the same grey as the kitchen door.