Half Bath Remodel

Our master bedroom has a half bath but we do not stay in that room and do not use that bathroom because of the outdated decor.....

So two years ago, we tore it all up!

Then, first thing's first, added an outlet next to the light switch.

Then put up the new drywalls

(HI i am Bella!, i love working with mom)

After that, the project was put on hold...... for almost 2 years! lol

After our kitchen's remodel, I started this back up myself.  Mudded the seams and holes.

Next i decided to texture the whole bathroom 

Next, baseboards, shelves, light fixture, cabinet, trims, switch plate......

 New toilet seat

curtains for the shelves

Window curtain

towel rack

toilet paper holder, hook

sink area before

sink area after

So that was about the end of this remodel, although we still need to figure out what to do for a counter, but at lease the bathroom is now functional!

We will take a trip to IKEA to pick up a few things to complete this bathroom. hehe :)


  1. Really like what you are doing! following your blog now via GFC :-)

    1. Awwwww you are so kind. Thank you! You are my first follower! :)

      My mission is to be as frugal as possible remodeling the house since we have to pay off the kitchen we simply can't afford to go all out on the rest of our house but it is coming along nicely :)


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