Master Bedroom Remodel

This room used to be my crafts room, but our current bedroom is a bit too small, so i am gonna turn this into our bedroom.

yup, this room has turned into storage ever since i started renovating the house. haha yes that is a sink in the picture lol

some before shots

ripped all the old chalking around the windows

 Re-Caulked the window

I wanted the color of the walls be very subtle, so i chose Valspar Quail Egg 7001-12 at Lowe's

I have finished painting all the wood trims and touched up on the walls.

My tone wall

Door way

Closet wall

Installed all new outlets and switches with screwless face plates! Look how much better they look than the plates with little screws on the outside?! 

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  1. I love how fresh everything looks. The paint is so fresh and relaxing.


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