Hallway, Living room Remodel

With the door frames all painted one one side, i thought i should go ahead to paint the other side.  um... then, might as well paint the hallway too!

let's see what it used to look like

Linen closet painted white, walls are greyish white

ah, the linen closet all painted and organized

baseboards painted white

door frames painted white, door is the same color as the walls

Since the hallway is connected to the living room, so the next to be remodeled is the living room

Filled some holes

ran into a little problem, the corner seam was poorly taped and mudded..... 

 so i had to redo the whole seam!

there used be a window unit in the living room, and they did a terrible patch job, so i redid it myself

the window unit was right above the couch, can u see it now?

 yes, i have a green wall again! LOL

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